Executive Team

Robert | The CEO

A uniquely diverse leader, Robert’s skills include Information Technology, Music Production, and an uncanny Mastery of rescuing dogs from tropical wind storms….           Email Robert

Kristen |S.M.A.C.S

Kristen is our Strategic Marketing and Creative Strategist. An amazingly talented brainstorm artist in leopard print shades, AND she also holds the coolest acronym in the the the company!
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Brian | Lead Graphic Designer

It takes an exceptionally mighty man to lead our small army of exceptionally gifted  graphic designers. Brian IS that mighty man, and his pen is mightier than your
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Milan | Solutions Support

Our newest team member, Milan is in charge of matching our valued customers with the  right tools for their goals.

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Bob | Marketing Specialist

Our seasoned marketing pro. An excellent WRITER that’s also a RIGHTER…of wrong marketing strategies!

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Evette | Designer

Evette is equally skilled with web and graphic design. Only using these skills for good keeps her, (and the rest of the world) happy!

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